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  • Standard Bamboo Pillow
  • Standard Bamboo Pillow
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Standard Bamboo Pillow

(7 customer reviews)

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Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Our ultra soft and perfectly made bamboo pillow made from shredded memory foam will provide you with complete comfort.

These memory foam pillows support and mould to your head and neck, while the bamboo cotton keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

Our pillow is odor resistant and anti bacterial and promotes proper alignment while you sleep.

Additionally, the bamboo fabric cover is removable and washable for a fresh and hygienic cushion with every use, and the entire ensemble is resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Bamboo Fabric Features

  • Eco-friendly recyclable fabric;
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite & mold;
  • High breathability offering a cooler sleeping surface;
  • Natural deodorisation;
  • Allergy proof; and
  • Anti-static & hygroscopic.


  • 100% Visco-elastic memory foam;
  • Bamboo fabric cover with delicate bamboo embroidery;
  • 19cm thickness;
  • Great support for neck & shoulder;
  • Relieves pressure points;
  • Allows even weight distribution;
  • Interior shredded memory foam; and
  • Easy to clean removable & washable zipper cover.

7 reviews for Standard Bamboo Pillow

  1. Alicia

    I suffer from neck problems and chronic migraines. I’m a side sleeper. My issue with pillows is they are always uncomfortable, too hard, or go flat too fast. Now my pillow is perfect! I will definitely be recommending this pillow to everyone I know!

  2. Paul S.

    I have been using this pillow for about a month now. Great head support. I do sleep better with it. I’m not the only one who likes my pillow. Honey likes it when I work nights

  3. Momo

    I just purchased my 6th pillow so that each family member has one at home, my husband has one at the fire station and my son going off to college will now also one.

  4. Ryan W

    They’re perfect! I’m both a side and back sleeper and am finally sleeping through the night because of these pillows.

  5. Amanda C.

    I have been sleeping on this pillow for a couple of weeks now and I am really enjoying it.

  6. Chris

    Loving my new pillow! It took a few nights and some adjusting but finally found the perfect fill. My wife may be getting one soon.

  7. Amy F

    My Chiropractor swears by this pillow and was the one that recommended it as the best on the market, especially for pain from sleeping in poor positions. This will be your pillow for life!

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