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Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow

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The Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow a especial type of pillow that provides comfort for your back and serves as a leg support allowing you to have a better rest. By using this pillow, you can easily lift your legs, upper body or waist higher.

This product is made of premium quality memory foam with 51cm x 61cm x 20cm dimension. It has antibacterial and hypoallergenic features, making it safer for you and your family.

This pillow is a source of comfort that you need right now.

  • A good way to relieve leg swelling, reduce edema, attain spine and coccyx alignment, improve blood circulation, and support your ligaments and muscles while you sleep;
  • Comfortable, soft, and skin-friendly pillow;
  • Has a bamboo cover with 300gsm bamboo knitted fabric coverand 100% organic fiber;
  • Designed for the ultimate comfort that fits naturally with your legs, back, hip and knees;
  • Premium quality and high-density foam that tends to last to years- durable;
  • Helps to improve circulation and may relieve pressure points of your body;
  • A perfect support to elevate your upper body, legs or when leaning as back support;
  • Has antibacterial and hypoallergenic features;
  • Use under your knees to increase blood circulation in your legs; and
  • Can be cleaned easily!

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Materials —  Filled With Memory Foam
Colour — White
Dimensions — 51cm x 61cm x 20cm
Type — Foam Pillow

Package Included: 1 x Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow

7 reviews for Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow

  1. Lisa

    If you have a surgery coming, I would seriously recommend you getting this in advance. It is such a blessed relief! Many thanks for such a wonderful product!

  2. Anthony

    This product is fantastic. It reduced my ankle and knee swelling the first night I used it. It then made me sleep better with no back pain.

  3. Monica

    Oh my goodness! I had hip replacement two weeks ago and have been stacking odd sized pillows to try to get elevation, with little relief. The moment I used this pillow I felt the deep relief in my knees, hips, and lower back.

  4. Wenona

    I had surgery on my foot and needed to have it elevated. It was just the right height and firm. It comes with a cover that can be washed. I would definitely recommend this anyone that needs their legs elevated. A must have for comfort!

  5. Joey

    This pillow was the perfect wedge for my leg which reduced the swelling quickly and comfortably. Great product and value!

  6. Stephanie S

    This is soooooo much better than using pillows. This is very very light and easy to move myself between the couch and my bedroom. It really does relieve some of the pain. I was so hesitant to get this. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner! So comfy that it’s nap time!

  7. Farina

    At the beginning I used it nearly all the time, and have been sleeping with my leg elevated on it for the past month. It’s been very comfortable and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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